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Five Modern Funeral Trends To Consider

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  • 01-10-2023
Five Modern Funeral Trends To Consider

A Change of Setting

One of the most evident transformations in the funeral industry over recent years is the changing preference for venues. Historically, funerals were customarily held in funeral homes, churches, or community halls.

However, the modern era is witnessing a distinct shift towards more unconventional options that closely resonate with the lifestyle and character of the departed loved one. This innovative method of hosting funerals in distinct locations is among the top five modern funeral trends. It offers a comforting space for grieving families and friends.

By selecting places that the deceased was particularly fond of or had a deep connection with, the essence of their memory continues to illuminate even after they've passed away. Whether it’s a tranquil garden, the calming seaside, or a beloved park where the deceased loved to spend time, these personalised venues add a touch of the deeply missing individual to the proceedings.

As funeral planning evolves with time, becoming more intimate and personal, these modifications to the traditional setting infuse a sense of warmth and familiarity. This new approach helps to ease the sadness that comes with losing someone close and make the funeral a true celebration of the individual's life.

It, therefore, shows how people are embracing different ways to remember their loved ones, making the whole process more reflective and meaningful.

Choosing Cremation

Cremations are increasingly becoming the preferred choice over traditional burials. While the cost-effectiveness of cremation might be an initial factor behind this shift, personal preference also plays a noteworthy role. Cremation is a less expensive option compared to traditional burial, making it a financially sensible choice for many families. 

However, the decision to choose cremation doesn't solely hinge on financial considerations. There are a variety of personal elements that continue to sway people's decisions. The ashes of the deceased, resulting from cremation, offer a range of choices for families.

For some, the ashes represent a chance to maintain a physical link to their departed loved ones. Ashes can be scattered in a special location that holds significance for the deceased, offering a personalised and meaningful farewell.

Likewise, ashes can be preserved in a beautifully crafted urn, serving as a decorative and sentimental reminder of a cherished individual. Some families additionally opt to incorporate the ashes into unique jewellery pieces, preserving their loved ones in a physical form that they can wear and treasure.

Moreover, cremation adds a degree of adaptability when planning a celebration of life. Some families appreciate the freedom to organise a commemorative event that isn't strictly tied to burial timelines. This flexibility allows families to arrange a genuine, meaningful tribute to their loved one and grants them the opportunity to heal in a way that best suits their grief.

For instance, the family might stage a get-together at a later date when all relatives can attend, or organise a celebration in a location that is important to the departed, such as a favourite park or garden.

While cost plays a determinant role in the trend towards cremation, the shift in public sentiment suggests a broader movement. The numerous options provided by cremation give families the opportunity to personalise a farewell ceremony truly representing their departed and their individual relationship with them

Green Funerals

In the past few years, there has been a profound shift in the way people perceive their connection with the environment. This changing consciousness has permeated all aspects of life, even extending to their choices after passing. More and more individuals are opting for green funerals, a ceremonial practice that seeks to reduce the environmental impact.

Green funerals are a step towards responsible sustainability. This type of ceremony foregoes the use of harmful substances that are typically employed during embalming, such as formaldehyde. Instead, the body is prepared using substances that are gentler to the human body and kinder to the planet.

Moreover, instead of using conventional hardwood coffins – the production of which contributes to deforestation – green funerals utilise eco-friendly alternatives. These eco-caskets can be made from bamboo, or wicker or can be as simple as recycled cardboard.

These materials are not only biodegradable but their manufacture requires less energy and results in fewer emissions, collectively contributing to lesser environmental devastation. Opting for a green funeral goes beyond merely being a responsible environmental choice.

It is a heartwarming and enduring tribute that associates the deceased with a deep regard for the earth. A green funeral thus becomes a meaningful legacy that encapsulates the deceased's respect and care for the planet, symbolising their commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation even in death.

Live Streamed Funerals

The pandemic has unquestionably transformed numerous aspects of our lives, and the way we grieve and say our final goodbyes is no exception. With social distancing rules firmly in place to combat the spread of the virus, the nature of funerals has altered significantly.

A common practice that has recently emerged is the prevalence of live-streamed funerals. This new trend ensures that family members and friends can pay their respects and express their love and grief, irrespective of geographic boundaries. 

 Thanks to modern technology, live-streaming gives people the opportunity to virtually attend and participate in funeral services, uniting loved ones from around the world in such challenging times.

Even though they must physically be apart, they can emotionally be together, supporting each other while mourning the loss of someone who played a significant role in their lives. Embracing digital trends in such circumstances is not just about staying connected.

It plays a profound role in helping families and friends navigate through their grief by keeping them involved in the farewell ceremony. Acknowledgement of loss and participation in shared rituals are crucial components of the grieving process. By allowing mourners to actively participate, they can find solace, comfort, and emotional support, all crucial for coping with loss.

Thus, live-streamed funerals have inevitably become one of the top five modern funeral trends to contemplate. While technology cannot replace the intimacy of a traditional funeral, it certainly provides an impactful and compassionate method of dealing with separation and loss during these unprecedented times.

Themed Funerals

The certainty of death is an aspect of life that everyone must come to terms with. Recently, there has been a shift in perspective, with many individuals choosing to dictate how they wish to be remembered. This has led to the emergence of themed funerals, an increasingly popular trend that lets the deceased's life and passions be celebrated in a unique way.

Themed funerals offer a more personalised, heartfelt approach to bidding farewell. Rather than a standard, sombre ceremony, these funerals are modelled around the deceased's unique passions, interests, likes, or experiences. This could mean anything from a funeral themed around a beloved sports team, a cherished movie, or even an enduring love of gardening.

By doing this, a themed funeral transforms a traditionally mournful occasion into a celebration of life, reflecting the unique individuality of the departed. This approach offers more than just a vibrant, visually appealing display of one's interest, it also provides a mechanism for a more profound expression of personhood.

It brings to the fore the richness of their life story, helping to paint a vivid, lasting picture in the minds of those left behind.  In the midst of the grief and sorrow many feel, these lively, personalised ceremonies serve as uplifting reminders of a life lived to the fullest.

Such services create a respectful, fitting tribute to the deceased, capturing the essence of their life while providing comfort to the grieving family and friends. They encourage individuals to focus on the positive, joyful aspects of their loved one’s life, offering a sense of solace during a challenging time.

In a themed funeral, one's passion doesn't die with them, rather it becomes a means to honour and remember them in a way they would have loved. This sends a powerful message of continued love and respect and emphasises the notion that though physical presence is no longer, the spirit, passion, and influence of the person lives on.

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