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Independent Funeral Director
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If you require an independent funeral director in Ormskirk or the surrounding areas, we can help. We are an Independent family concern with over 27 years experience that is owned and managed by The Hunter Family.

Based in Ormskirk, Aughton and Burscough we work with families throughout the surrounding areas of  Lancashire.

  • 24 Hour Personal Service
  • Private Chapels of Rest
  • Golden Charter pre-paid funeral plans
  • Pre Paid Funeral Plans Available
  • Memorials supplied and erected

Few of us like to think about funeral arrangements for those we love. So when the unexpected happens, we can often be unprepared and in a state of grief. This is when we need the services of a funeral director who is highly professional, organised, experienced and above all understanding. At MLS Independent Funeral Directors which is owned and managed by The Hunter Family you are assured of all these qualities.

MLS Independent Funeral Directors is a true family concern, now in its third generation with over 90 years combined experience in the funeral profession. The Hunter family really do know how to care for the needs of every bereaved family. 

It is the caring approach that has seen the business grow. We have chapels of rest in Aughton and Burscough within our new funeral home's, we believe that the availability of caring female and male staff has been particularly welcomed by many bereaved families. Indeed our caring manner is so sympathetic that many continue to stay in contact. 

MLS Independent Funeral Directors carry out every aspect relating to a funeral, from the first contact right through until after the funeral. 

The funeral director you have contacted will help you throughout your time of need, this allows them to build a relationship with you. Our staff are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

The Hunter Family all hold Diplomas in Funeral Directing and are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors.

Role of a Funeral Director

There are many duties which the funeral director must take care of. The first duty is providing any support that they can for the family through this difficult time and advice for any aspects of the funeral arrangements. 

They can do this on your behalf with the highest degree of professionalism while acting behind the scenes. A funeral director also researches, explains and discusses any available options when arranging the local funerals or others, including all costs involved. Depending on your wishes, the role of the funeral director could include any of the following:

Before the funeral:

  • Organising for the deceased to be held at a chapel of rest. This allows friends and loved ones a chance to view them before the funeral.
  • Providing notice of death in local/national newspapers or websites.
  • Managing any necessary legal documentation and providing any advice when needed.
  • Advise on any aspects of the funeral, including the types of service and the options available to you in terms of coffins, casket, catering, venues, priests or non-religious celebrant, transport vehicles, flowers and music, Order Of Service sheet, types of memorial and donations.

On the day:

  • Ensuring that the wishes of you and the deceased are met and go smoothly during the funeral.
  • Attending to all details for the day, from the transport arrangement for family and close friends to overseeing their funeral service. 
  • Arranging for the deceased's ashes to be given to you or help in organising them to be scattered or preserved.
  • Gathering the attendance cards (obituary) to know who attended the funeral.

Following the funeral:

  • Arranging for the deceased to be transferred to another location, whether in the UK or abroad.
  • Having funeral flowers and donations sent to the relevant people, organisation or charity.
  • Organising the graves and headstone for the right time after burial.

Pre Paid Funeral Plans  

Although many do not wish to think about funeral plans in advance, you might need to do this to help your family and friends. 

Some of these could be placed in a Will that sets out what they wish to be done and what funds or property will go to who. This could also o state whether the deceased would prefer cremation.

Choosing a Memorial 

Choosing a memorial that you believe best suits the deceased is very important. 

The memorial is supposed to last for a long time to indicate who they were and have a quote provided by the relatives. Many opt to customise the memorial with different colour, fonts, sizes and so on. These allow you to put on uniqueness for the deceased.  

Following A Bereavement 

The coroner:

There are a few reasons that the coroner would make some enquiries into the death. If the deceased's person has died without a doctor's presence (sudden death), if the deceased has had an operation recently or been in hospital within the last 34 hours. Once enquiries have been made, a pathologist may make some tests. When then the results are in, the coroner will decide whether an inquiry is needed. 

The Registrar:

You will require a certificate from the Doctor or GP who attended the deceased before you come to the register. If this happened in a hospital or hospice, you would be given an internet form for the office. 

Once you have registered the death, you will be given a green card. Another certificate is given, signed by the registration office; this certificate is usually called the death certificate.


You can obtain probate via a personal application to the probate court. The papers can be returned by post, but you must go in person (at an agreed time) to swear that the documents are accurate..

If at any point you have any questions you would like answering, please call us on 01695 424 888 or call in for a chat at our premises in Aughton or Burscough.

Please Note: All our calls are recorded.

Our funeral director service offers an individual approach for the families and friends of persons recently deceased in Ormskirk and the surrounding areas:

  • Ormskirk
  • Aughton
  • Lydiate
  • Maghull
  • Halsall
  • Scarisbrick
  • Burscough
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